Ol' Musky Token

Literally No One Calls Me That Or Has Ever Called Me That

~ Good Ol' Musky

Ol' Musky's 8% on every transaction

  • Total Supply

  • Community Wallet
    00.00 BNB = $00.00

  • Ol'Musky Price
    $ 00.00

  • Marketcap
    $ 00.00

  • Total Paid out rewards
    00.00 BNB

Tier I
All you have to do is register, start inviting friends, get likes and participate in quiz nights to earn BNB rewards - that's it!

Tier II
Hold at least 120K $OLMUSKY tokens, receive special holding Farm-Score and bigger shares of the community wallet! Buy here!

Your Farm-Score:
Your cycle BNB reward:
OLMUSKY Balance:

Holding reward:
Friends (Tier II):
Friends (Tier I):

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Add friends, earn BNB

What it's about

A true community token where holding tokens and getting involved in the community will get you a rewards in BNB.

More Farm-Score More Reward

Expand The Community

Invite friends to hold tokens and join the community. Earn Farm-Score and get BNB rewards.

85% group involevemnt, 15% social media contest

Secure your asset

Hold strong or get involved. Earning Farm-Score will always help to increase token value.

Check out our NEW ANTI-COPYCAT-SCAM Protection

Make sure you buy the real thing

Many scammers will find ways to copy any token's website without great effort but our good Ol' Musky Token does things differently. We spent extra time into building an application that shows your current token value, here is how it works:

  • 1. Click here and copy the link to our application
  • 2. Paste the link into your browser address bar and replace YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS with your wallet address
  • 3. Check that the displayed values are euqal to your bought OLMUSKY tokens

Social Farms, keep up with whats new (in progress)

How to participate

Of course, every asset that aims for a higher value needs to grow in holders, that's easy but what they don't tell you is the hard part. It's all about the true farming work, the submission to the idea and the dedication and that's not so easy anymore. But we found the simple solution to ensure our farming will guarantee our community growth and stability. When we take a fee from every transaction, it will not sit anywhere to keep building up pressure to all holders instead it will be converted into BNBs automatically and send to our community-building wallet and here is how you earn your share of it:


Hold tokens. Get new members into our telegram group and have them reference your telegram username. Earn likes and participate in AMAs and quiz events to earn more reward. and receive your reward... in BNB! Ask our telegram bot /rules or check out the rules here.

Present your dedication-Contest

Create a post on Reddit/4chan, a tweet and a Youtube-video and submit it to our telegram group.Every week the top posts, tweets and videos will receive a reward... in BNB! Ask our telegram bot /rules or check out the rules here.

How to farm and collect your reward

Community-Growth-Amplifier reward

The goal is to keep the holders and community members growing steadily. For inviting new members you will receive Farm-Score. For getting likes and participating in AMAs and quiz events you will earn more reward in BNB!

Weekly Present your dedication-Contestreward

Submitting your social media post to our community. The highest ranked submissions will receive rewards in BNB. (Coming soon!)

Get to know who's behind our good Ol' Musky Token

Maxwell P

36, businessman spend most of his adulthood trying to climb up every ladder he found only to see his true luck lies within his family. Husband and father, loves to play DnD true talent in operations and human relations. Trades like an ape, will not even miss a toilet break.

Bob P

27, true gamer, loves to spend some his spare time from gaming and designing in building stuff and sometimes even doing graphics. Loves nature and animals but usually just from his window. Has fun talking about crypto, you will find him in every single group there is, even before they are created, somehow.

Chive C

31, the classic IT guy some would say. Likes to binge watch with his friends and is always behind the any computer. Would scream PC masterrace altough he never plays any games. Tries to trade like a bot but would have better chances programming one.

Sandy M

26, loves her job works about 25h a day and still finds time for every single social event you can imagine. Will always find the perfect gift for people she does not even know. Has no idea what a smart chain is or where you could buy one but still finds every single gem on it there is.